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Updated: Sep 8, 2023


The welcome email flow is one of the best performing flows you will ever have! I have seen brands generate 50% of its entire email marketing revenue from the welcome flow alone.

In this guide, I will show you how to make your welcome email flow inside Klaviyo.

Let's get to it!

1. Log in to Klaviyo & go to Flows Section

On your dashboard, find the "Flows" tab on the left side and give it a click.

2. Choose the "Welcome Series" Template

From the "Flow Dashboard" there will be several options to choose from. Choose the welcome series flow.

3. Choose your Newsletter List

After clicking "Get Started" this window will show up. Choose "Newsletter List". Any new subscribers will be added to this list, making it your "Main List".

4. Setup the flow setting properly

Inside the flow you might get overwhelmed with too many settings, but don't worry, it's really simple. Step 1: Click Flow Filters

Step 2: Click "Add a Flow Filter"

Step 3: Copy this setting

> What someone has done (or not done)

> Placed order

> Zero times > Since starting this flow

Okay so, what does this setting do? Basically, it removes anyone who places an order from receiving the succeeding emails.

Example: Person A's Journey

> Person A signs up to your form > Person A receives email #1

> Person A purchases

> Person A is then removed from the flow and will no longer receive emails #2 & #3.

Step 4: Turn off Smart Sending on all emails What is 'smart sending'? Essentially, 'smart sending' is an option that allows skipping recipients who have recently received an email from you.

And that's basically it for the flow settings.

Pro tip: Don't add a time delay to your first email. It's best to have them receive the email as soon as possible after signing up while their interest is high.

Moving forward: Preparing the emails

In another blog post, I will show you how to quickly design an email using Canva.

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