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3 Core Email Flows for eCommerce Brands

For DTC brands using Klaviyo, email flows are the real money-maker on auto-pilot. Some brands see around 30% of their revenue coming straight from emails with just the basic setup! If you're just getting started, here are the three flows you can't ignore to maximize your Email Marketing Revenue.

👇🏻 Here's a good example of the basic core flows you need 👇🏻


WTH is an Email Flow?

An email flow, often known as an Automation, is a series of emails sent out based on a specific behavior or trigger. They greet your subscribers, recover lost sales, make customers happy, and most importantly bring home the bacon (revenue)! So when it comes to Email Marketing - the flows are often the MVP.

Core Flow #1: Welcome Series

Welcome Series is your brand's first handshake with new subscribers. It's all about saying a friendly "hey," letting them know what's up, and walking them through what to expect. Nail this right, and you're looking at more clicks and sales.

👉🏻 Key elements of a welcome series

  • Warm welcome message

  • Introduction to the brand and its values

  • Product recommendations or educational content

  • Clean and minimal call-to-action buttons with contrasting colors

Core Flow #2: Abandoned Checkout

Abandoned Checkout Flow is one of the best-performing flows you will have. Around 30% - 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts and checkout process respectively. This flow will have emails that are like a nudge, saying "Hey, you left something." They target those who almost checked out and give them a little push to seal the deal.

👉🏻 Key elements

  • Reminder of what’s left behind

  • Dynamic Table showing product images and details

  • Special offers or incentives to complete the purchase

  • Clear call-to-action to finalize the checkout

👉🏻 Best practices

  • Send the first email within 30 minutes - few hours of abandonment

  • Segment emails based on cart value or specific products

  • Include customer support details for any checkout queries. Ask if they have any concerns or in need of help, etc.

Core Flow #3: Browse Abandon Flow

You know those times when you window shop online, checking out products without adding them to your cart? We all do it. The Browse Abandon Flow is the wingman for that. It gives a friendly reminder saying, "Hey, we noticed you were eyeing that." It's a way to reel back those curious folks, turning casual browsers into buyers.

👉🏻 Key elements

  • Reminder of the products browsed

  • Personalized, not-too-pushy-copy.

  • Easy links back to the product pages

👉🏻 Best practices

  • Adjust time delay depending on the product price.

  • Keep the tone light and non-intrusive

  • Always ensure the browsing experience is mobile-friendly, as many users might return via mobile devices.


Ready to Elevate Your Q4 Revenue?

If your brand isn’t fully prepped for BFCM and the Christmas rush, it’s high time to act! Schedule a call with me to unlock the advanced versions of these essential flows and craft high-impact campaigns specifically tailored for the BFCM and holiday season.

Don’t let this pivotal quarter slip by—maximize your email marketing revenue and make the most of every opportunity this season brings! Schedule a Call Now!


In the competitive landscape of ecommerce, mastering the art of email flows is pivotal for sustaining and growing DTC brands. The three core flows - Welcome Series, Abandoned Checkout, and Browse Abandon Flow are foundational in maximizing email marketing efforts and fostering robust customer relationships.

They are the silent architects of customer interaction, driving engagement, recovery, and conversions, ultimately contributing to the brand’s bottom line. By integrating these core flows meticulously and enhancing them continually, brands can leverage Klaviyo to optimize their communication strategies and fuel their revenue generation on auto-pilot, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed. So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and let your email flows do the talking, building lasting connections and elevating your brand in the ever-evolving ecommerce domain.

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